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Val Byrne

Bray, Wicklow


Welcome to My Ireland

I was born in Dublin and attended University College Dublin graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. After a short spell of working in London I returned to Ireland and set up an architectural practice which was very successful. After becoming a member of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland I was elected a Fellow in 1985.
In the early 70’s the practice expanded overseas and eventually had offices in Nigeria, Sudan and Libya along with doing work in other countries in Africa.
With a strong interest in genealogy, inherited from my father, I was elected in 1992 Chieftain of Clan O’Byrne and eventually was elected Chairman of The Clan’s of Ireland.
From an early age I always painted and this I carried on all during my professional career.
In the early nineties I retired from Architecture to indulge my artistic aspirations and opened an art gallery in Bray. Probably because of my architectural background my work has been very much influenced by the urban environment of an island surrounded by water. So the vast bulk of my paintings reflect typical Irish buildings in landscapes and the many harbours around the coast of Ireland with various degrees of quirkiness relating to the nature of Ireland.
This has proven to have been very rewarding both spiritually and visually which has left me with a deep knowledge of Ireland along with a very large archive of around two thousand images of Ireland painted over a period of 20 to 30 years.
Patrons have included three Presidents of Ireland, Jane Kennedy Smith, former US Ambassador to Ireland, Dept. of Foreign Affairs for many paintings in Irish Embassies throughout the world, many other Government Departments, Private and Corporate art collectors in many countries.
I hope you will enjoy through my paintings what I have enjoyed in travelling the lenght and breath of Ireland and the privilege of recording it for posterity.

Val Byrne, B.Arch., FRIAI. artist.

All of my images are copyright and may not be used without my permission.
If you are interested in an original painting of a particular scene or would like a signed and numbered limited edition print please contact me by email.

You may view me on video on youTube painting a watercolour on at an art exhibition /workshop.

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WICKLOW.. Saint Macanoges Church by Val Byrne


Ok, Where is Santy ??? by Val Byrne


Rejuvenation by Val Byrne


Windswept by Val Byrne


Wicklow.... Kilmcacanoge under the Sugarloaf. by Val Byrne


Tipperary... Cashel of the Kings by Val Byrne


Gagle x 9 by Val Byrne


MAYO... Achill,Graneuails Caste Kildavnet by Val Byrne


GALWAY.... The Quiet mans Village, Leenane by Val Byrne


CORK.... The Pubs of Kinsale by Val Byrne


Galway, Roundstone,,,, Boats at Erlak by Val Byrne


Dublin.... Sandycove by Val Byrne


Donegal... Towards Muckish Mountain by Val Byrne


Mayo Achill.... Near Dugort by Val Byrne


Donegal... Towards Owey Island by Val Byrne


MAYO... Slievemore Achill Dougort by Val Byrne


Wicklow... Powerscourt Waterfall by Val Byrne


Donegal.... In the shadow of Muckhish by Val Byrne


Cork... Glanmore lake Beara by Val Byrne


Aran.... Red trawler at Kilronan by Val Byrne


Connemara Stilness by Val Byrne


Eyeries Aurora by Val Byrne


Kerry....Mack's Pub in Castlegregory by Val Byrne


Weare off to see the wild west show by Val Byrne


I Luv u 2 by Val Byrne


Dinner time by Val Byrne


Do you have a TV license by Val Byrne


Are ye going for a pint by Val Byrne


Here we go here we go by Val Byrne


WAR by Val Byrne



The Streaky Breasted Red Dun Champion who killed three in two Minutes by Val Byrne


Gis a kiss by Val Byrne


DONEGAL. Port na Blagh by Val Byrne


GALWAY..Storm over the Diamond hill by Val Byrne




Galway.... Roundstone Harbour by Val Byrne


DUBLIN. Dalkey Harbour by Val Byrne


GALWAY. 12 pins from Roundstone by Val Byrne


Kilkenny Castle on the Nore river. by Val Byrne


KILKENNY Castle in the Marble City by Val Byrne


The Tholsel Kilkenny by Val Byrne


KILKENNY The High Street Kilkenny by Val Byrne


High Street Kilkenny by Val Byrne


KILKENNY The Butterslip by Val Byrne


Medieval Kilkenny by Val Byrne


KILKENNY St Mary's Lane by Val Byrne


Kilkenny City Clocktower laneway by Val Byrne


KILKENNY M. L. Dore by Val Byrne