WELCOME to My Ireland. Over 2000 painted images from each of the 26 counties of Ireland. The Places, peoples, life as I have seen and lived with over the past 80 years. Join me on my amazing travels and enjoy.

What is it about Ireland ?

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What is it about Ireland ?

Why do visual artists paint single images ? What is the story behind the subject ? Why did he paint it the way that he did, traditional, abstract, graphical, cubist, etc ?
Probably mainly to communicate a feeling, a pleasant moment in time, a record,or perhaps just for financial reward ?
But the full storey is very rarely in the viewing of a single image.
To expand our perceptions on this on this conundrum I have looked back at my personal web sites and have updated


to go some small way to give viewers a deeper glimpse into what turns the artist on and by combining images I have created stories and events which
brings new life to your way of looking at things. Open your mind , look into the future
Keep the brush wet and your camera at the ready. Val.