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Watercolour Demo

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Watercolour   Demo

I painted this watercolour a few years ago at a demonstration workshop/ exhibition which was called Panoptic . About six artists with different skills were each given one hour to set up, paint and complete a painting of their choice.
The above painting I managed to complete in just under an hour and a quarter.
The size was a full size watercolour sheet so there wasn't much time to hang about and wait for water to dry ! Good watercolours can be achieved in very little time depending on the detail. Every one seemed to enjoy the demo and even at the end a nice lady offered to buy it ! I declined gracefully and I still have my fast and furious baby hanging here at home.
I thought perhaps you might like to share the excitement of the moment so a short 7 minute video of the demo is now on line

Click on the ' MORE INFORMATION ' button below to activate the video.